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Last Night In Soho Movie Character Jackets, Coats, Blazers, and Hoodies

Edgar Wright's psychological horror film Last Night in Soho is based on a script by Wright and Krysty Wilson Cairns. Matt Smith, Thomas McKenzie, Rita Tushingham, Anya Taylor Joy, and Diana Rigg feature in the series. Last Night in Soho was released on October 29th, 2021.

The story revolves around Eloise, a young woman passionate about fashion design. She has a strange sixth sense, and she finds herself in the body of her beloved singer, Sandy, in 1966. She falls in love but quickly discovers that 1960s London is not what it appears to be. Everything seems to be breaking apart, with disastrous results. The film is an excellent blend of comedy and drama. The film is a beautiful blend of scary events and suspense, making it a must-see.

Last Night In Soho Outfits Collection for Fashion Lovers

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Is Soho last night horror?

Apart from its enjoyable pace and brilliant plot construction, Last Night in Soho is simply frightening. The suited men with skin stretched over their missing eyes and mouths is enough to get the blood beating.