Oskar jacket provides its services globally. After order confirmation, there is some information and policies which the buyer needs to go through it.

Time of Delivery

We deliver products in 7-8 Days working days after order confirmation. If Courier is unable to find your location, then we will give you an expected date of delivery. 

How our Shipments Process works

  • We provide our services worldwide. That’s why we have different warehouses in different locations around the globe. 
  • Express shipment DHL and FedEx are our shipment partners, who deliver our products in all locations of the world. 
  • Customers can trace the whole shipment process. 
  • Customers will get the parcel at their doorstep. 
  • Suppose you are not able to receive your package. Then you can be directing someone who will receive your package by signing on your behalf. 
  • Express Courier will leave a note with the contact number and shipment number if no one signs on your behalf.
  • We never deliver any package through Post Office Box. 

Notification after Order Confirmation

You will receive a notice after Order Confirmation. We will send you a receipt of your order by sending a copy of your detailed invoice. 

Suppose you do not get any notice after placing an order; then, your order has not registered. It shows that your order cannot be able to process and the shipment.

If We Fail to Fulfill Order

Suppose we fail to fulfill your order or unable to find your shipment location. Then we will give you the whole amount back. 

What If the Delivery is late? 

Let suppose delivery takes a longer time. Then you can contact us by email. After that, we give you the tracking number by which you can track the shipment status. 

Expected Delivery Time

We usually do delivery in 4-5 Days. Furthermore, we also sent you the following information by email. 

  • The tracking details.
  • The date we shipped your order,
  • The expected delivery date.

Contact Us for Damage and Defected Product

In case you receive a product that is defected or damaged. Then must contact us within 7 Days.