Our Privacy Policy

Everyone was concerned about their Privacy. Mainly, when it comes to credit card information and social security, some of our essential points will satisfy you about privacy concerns from Oskar Jackets.

We only use our customer information to communicate products and services, in which customers might be interested.

Oskar Jackets use (Secure Socket Layer) SSL for preceding any order. It stores all your personal information in a secure location.

We don’t allow any third party to access your purchasing information.

What information do we collect?

Your First and Last name

Password and email during account creation. You can use this site without creating an account, such as guest checkout, and you can buy whatever you like this is safe and secure and with no hassle.

For all the major cards, master, Credit, or America Express, we do not store them. This is very personal information and we secure their personal information. We do not sell them to any third party under any circumstance. Therefore, we have gained trust from our customers, and we are the trusted website since 1990.

Purchase Information

Oskar Jackets collect the following information when you place an order.

Your name

Your method of paying

Kindly note that: We never collect credit card information. We only collect the data which we mention above for preceding shipment correctly. It includes your name, address, and the phone number of the intended recipient(s).

Information for Service Use

We collect personal information from customers who want to use any of Oskar jacket services. Services include Products, Gift Items. Suppose you want to use these services, you might be providing some information. This information includes your email, password, and account creation is necessary.

Cookies and Other Device Information

When you open our website, a small text file called “Cookie” will store on your device. The purpose of this cookie is to enhance and customize your shopping experience when you open our website. 

You can use our website with cookies. But without cookies, you can’t complete the purchasing process. Also, you will not be able to enjoy any feature of our website. These features offer you a shopping cart for later use. Cookies are beneficial to enjoy a personalized shopping experience. Cookies save your information, so you do not need to put your time and effort into login in every time. To change the preference of cookies, check your browser’s “Help” menu of your browser. Cookies are changing with every browser. 

When you visit our website, we collect some technical information about your device. Data includes

Your Internet Protocol (IP) address,

Your device operating system,

The type of browser you are using, and

Your referral website address.

If any. We collect this information because we want to give you a better experience of shopping. We never sell or share information with anyone.

Changes in Privacy Policy

To fulfill the requirement and standards, we continuously updated our Privacy Policy. Customers need to see these changes frequently. 

Our Suggestion

We suggest you read all our policies if you want to enjoy a better shopping experience with us. 

Reach us for more information 

If you want to contact us for any query, then you can email us at  Sales@oskarjacket.com.