Return and Exchange Policies:

Conditions for Incorrect Sizes:

Suppose you get the incorrect size of the product. Then contact our customer service team within three days of order placement.

Email us few images of the product in three days of order placement. After that, you will be able to exchange or return your product (Conditions Applied).

After 24 hours of order placement, you cannot change any size, color, or other product measurements.At a single time, our exchange policy does not apply to more than two similar products.

Conditions for Order Cancellation

Suppose you cancel an order within three days after order confirmation. We will deduct 25% amount of the product which you order.

However, suppose you cancel an order within a week or seven days after order confirmation. In that case, we will deduct 45% amount of the product which you order.

There is no order cancellation after seven days.Damaged Product during ShipmentIf you receive a product which damaged during shipment. Then must email us images of the product within 24 hours.

Conditions for Delay in Delivery

We will refund your whole amount if the order delivery exceeds 29 working days.You can ask us for an order tracking code. In the case of express shipment, consignment does not deliver within 06 working days after shipping. If we find that the package does not dispatch to you, we refund the whole amount to you.

Conditions for Credit Card Purchase

If you purchased a product with Credit Card and you don’t want furthermore to proceed. Then inform us by email within 24 hours.

Suppose someone places an order on behalf of you without your permission. Then the customer or card owner can cancel the order within 48 hours after order placement. Once the order is delivered, the credit card holder has refunded to take it. Then the issue between cardholder and customer has to resolve by them.

The company will not be liable for this matter. If they want to return it, they can return it as per the conditions of 30 days return policy.