Who Are We?

Oskar Jacket is an online clothing store. A platform where you get outerwear that is anything but ordinary. We don’t just follow trends; we set them. With our excellence in producing leather jackets over the course of years, we have become the fastest growing online business that makes quality affordable for everyone.

Here we have: Quality You Can Feel, Comfort you can trust!

The Story Of Our Online Journey

We started out as a small business right here in St. Pete, Florida. Inspired by the city’s unique vibe, our talented team crafted high-quality jackets and coats that captured that essence. We built a loyal local following, but a nagging thought wouldn’t leave us: what about all the amazing people outside of St. Pete who were trying to reach out to us? We also couldn’t bear the thought of them missing out! And as for the answer to all of those queries about whether we have an online store, we decided to take the plunge and enter the exciting world of online retail.

Our move made it loud and clear. even though we already knew we had excellent craftsmanship and classic designs, we also realized that this new area would allow us to expand. Although quality was always our first concern, the demands of the internet market required us to streamline our manufacturing in order to reach a larger audience and to increase our customer support in order to provide a flawless online experience.

Going online wasn’t just about convenience; we wanted to break down geographical barriers to reach a global audience. We pictured a world where anyone, anywhere, could easily access our St. Pete-inspired apparel. This shift marked a major turning point for our business, allowing us to share our passion for quality and our finger on the pulse of fashion trends with the entire world.

Exceptional customer service is still at the heart of everything we do. We’re always trying to make our online operations better so we can provide our increasing clientele with even better service. Therefore, So if you’re a resident St. Pete fashionista or an international customer, who just adore our fashionable attitude, we’re excited to provide a bit of our sunny city vibe right to your door.

Our Commitment

At Oskar Jacket, we’re passionate about creating jackets that empower your adventures, big or small.

What Sets Us Apart:

At Oskar Jacket, we believe in looking good and feeling good about how we achieve it.  That’s why we prioritize the use of eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices throughout our production process.  This commitment allows you to own a stylish jacket without compromising your environmental values.

We provide comfort that you can feel and quality that you can trust. All of our jackets and coats are exceptionally designed keeping the comfort in mind, wherever your adventures take you. Innovative design elements and carefully chosen fabrics ensure exceptional comfort, making them ideal for both conquering city streets and exploring nature’s trails.

For individuals seeking a little more personal touch, we also offer customization options. From selecting the type of leather and lining you like to adding subtle design elements, you can make a jacket that is genuinely unique to you.


Your One-Stop Shop for Outerwear and Beyond

Oskar Jacket speaks to the modern person who values elegance and quality. We produce
top-notch clothing that you can rely on to accompany you on your fashion journey. Discover an endless array of
options, ranging from classic leather jackets to eye-catching fur, or from useful trucker jackets to comfortable
puffer types. To suit your individual demands and tastes, we provide a wide range of coats, blazers, vests, and

Beyond outerwear, the Oskar Jacket provides the finishing touches to complete your
look. Discover a curated selection of suits, jumpsuits, tracksuits, hoodies, cardigans, sweaters, sweatshirts,
and shirts—each precisely crafted to complement your chosen outerwear. Since we think that what you wear is a
reflection of who you are, we invite you to peruse our extensive assortment and reinvent your go-to

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