Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oskar Jacket?

Oskar jacket is an online shopping Store. We offer different jackets and costumes used by actors in movies, films, and TV series. We provide our services worldwide. No matter where you live, we will deliver the product to your doorstep. 

Why would you prefer Oskar Jacket? 

The answer is quite simple. We offer a wide range of fashionable products. We help our customers to choose the best products. We deliver your product on time. We work 24×7 to assist you. Furthermore, we specialized in making different stylish and trendy fashionable outfits. 

What is our Payment Method?

We receive payment through Credit Card, Visa Card, MasterCard, and PayPal. We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to secure the information of our customers. 

Our Shipping Charges Free for all Countries?

We are offering free delivery services all around the globe.

Is there any return policy?

The answer is yes. We are offering 30 Days return Policy. If you receive wrong, defected or damaged product. You will exchange or return the product within 30 days of delivery. But remember that customized or personalized products are not part of this policy. 

What is the delivery time of the product?

We deliver products in 7-8 Days working days after order confirmation. 

May I get the customizable size of product? 

Yes, you can order us your customized size. 

How much time will it take to deliver Customized Product?

It takes about 30 days to deliver the customized order. 

Do you offer more discounts on more products?

Yes, if you order us more than five products, then you get more discounts. 

Do you offer a Variety of Leather?

Yes, we are offering an endless variety of leather on our outfits.

Which material Oskar Jacket use for internal lining?

It depends upon the requirement of the product. Viscose, cotton, or satin fabric, shearling fur of high quality mainly use for internal lining. 

How may I know about delivery detail?

We will email you all details regarding delivery after order confirmation. 

What should I do, in case of late delivery? 

It not a big issue, we will give you a tracking number by which you can see the status of your delivery. If it gets too late, contact us. 

What should I do, if I get defected product?

If you received defected product, contact our customer service team with the Order number, Defective item’s name, and all necessary details of the defective item. Your product will replace within 24 hours after the report. 

Why was my payment not received? 

There are many reasons for this; some of them are:

  • Your billing address of the account does not match with the payment method.
  • Your credit/debit card number not accurate and not updated.
  • Your credit card limit might reach when we tried to charge.
  • Your credit card or debit may be expired.
  • If you’re paying with PayPal, check your balance before using it. 

There are any Import and Custom charges applied to my package?

  • Import and Custom charges are applied once the order reached your destination. 
  • Oskar Jacket does not have any idea about custom charges, and it’s not our concern. Customs charges and import duties prices vary from place to place.
  • Before placing your order, contact your local customs office to know about the recent update on custom and import charges. 

How can I check my order status during the whole process?

You will see the whole status of your order just after 24 hours of order confirmation with the help of the ID which we will send you.

When tracking number appear?

The tracking number appears just after 24-36 hours when order dispatch from our country.